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As an experienced sales and marketing leader, you know the value of a fractional product marketing services partner who can get things done. TruNorth Consulting works closely with innovators like you as you find and create new value, delivering product marketing excellence at critical moments in your emerging company's timeline.

GAUGE Service Offers help with messages and team alignment during the development, fundraising and business expansion phases. Product marketing leadership acting within a proven process and framework aligns your team around a winning strategy.

MarkLaunch Project Services get you over the finish line with a category defining brand or product launch. Collaborating with a broad network of innovative marketing and technology partners, we carve out mindshare for those value creators who satisfy unmet needs, serving the unserved

How It Works

TruNorth combines diligent process and creative empathy to highlight and express your foundational story. Grounded in truth, your brand then resonates organically with investors, customers, partners and employees.

Using a proprietary strategy audit process, you quickly expose the consensus view of your opportunity and the messages that clearly explain the market value you create.

Working together with TruNorth, you can now find opportunities that quickly add value to your brand. Adding partners, you quickly build teams that launch products and grow market share, revenue and brand recognition.


Maybe you have great technology and an initial product concept. You’re struggling a bit to get funding. We work together to fill gaps in your strategic story, beefing up the plan and perfecting the fundraising pitch. After you build out the product, we run a quick market test together. A few key industry players become your anchor customers. When you and the market are ready, we bring world-class partners to knock your launch out of the park.


Wisdom and empathy drives TruNorth Consulting.

Stewart Noyce

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