Business Expansion Services

TruNorth Business Expansion services find and define the business strategy opportunities that grow revenue and market share. Innovators who need that next round of venture financing can find themselves in a bind when their initial product struggles to achieve its growth objectives. Often the blockers are internal. The team itself gets in its own way. They're convinced that the product is fine, even as the market is speaking loudly against them.

Strategy refinement and solution development services led by a neutral party surface the best ideas from a team. Using the GAUGE system, the team draws out potential growth opportunities that are in scope. They see what is possible. Then they articulate this strategy in clearly written and powerful statements that remove internal blockers as the market confirms what it wants and expects from your business. The strategy articulation and alignment process includes: positioning, market messages, team alignment, strategy refinement and solution development. The GAUGE Archive includes: strategy framework, wisdom elevation processes, and a secure repository.

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Your Situation

Is your venture-funded startup doing well, but not well enough? Your initial product - market fit proved there was interest, but now it seems the numbers just aren't there. Certainly, you see great options in new application, market, channel and/or product initiatives. But can you convince teammates, management and investors that you have the right strategy? Can you get them all to move forward?

Triangulate. Get someone in the room with the experience and the creative empathy to help the team identify its best ideas with a proven process. Flesh out a company consistent strategy with a framework that balances market opportunity, company advantage, product value to customers, gross profits and your ability to execute, proving to management and investors that the new initiatives are viable. Then craft statements of strategy upon which the high performing team members can agree. Test it with your market, and build the new program objectives into the company's execution plan.

Service Value

Experienced Product Marketing Leadership guides teams through alignment and story creation that builds commitment to the new opportunities, securing funds and time.

GAUGE exercises expose and document the relevant strategy opportunities that grow revenues, market share and meet other critical business metrics.

Strategy Archive securely holds and shares the thinking behind opportunities that are refined over time (and delivered on a roadmap).

Team Alignment process exposes both blockers and accelerators to growth.

Time-boxed process respects the time of a busy team as it delivers results.

Solution Development builds out the new business opportunities through partners, safely expanding the reach of the business with no internal contention.


Business Expansion Services take an existing team to its fullest potential. By unlocking the creative thinking of the group, putting its awesome ideas into an easily understood framework, the team moves forward with power.

TruNorth works particularly well with growth-stage companies who have at least $1-2m in annual revenues. These emerging companies benefit from a direct amplification of product-market-sales fit. They develop new initiatives that meet critical key performance indicators and secure the funding required to fulfill its collective vision.

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