Strategy Development Services

Strategy development helps emerging visionary innovators create a future where they own and run the business that solves the big problem in the world they see. This TruNorth service includes: online interactive one-on-one sessions, the proven GAUGE strategy framework and tools, a private secure archive of strategy iteration points, and review of market-facing messages.

Guided by an experienced product marketing leader, and supported by a proven framework and self-paced training, innovators elevate their strategy and craft the words to express it. Strategy development helps innovators build business savvy as their visions are turned into reality.

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Your Situation

You're an innovator, a creative person with an exciting idea that you know will add value to the world. You have a vision for a future where you improve the lives of people around you and get paid to do the work. Maybe you have a sense now for just how much of a challenge this is and how difficult it is to retain control to the end. As the leader, your team must trust you completely.

Are you confident in your ability to rally others around the idea and raise money through multiple financing stages? Key to your success will be an authentic story that gets results in fund raising, sales channel and brand management programs. You need a systematic way of thinking and working that prepares you for the conversations that are to come. TruNorth can get you there.

Service Value

Experienced Product Marketing Professional leads sessions from experience, drawing out vision and product strategy with savvy probing questions.

Documented Framework and Process provides tools for self-paced learning, supplementing hands-on interactions with a guided, virtual business school.

Secure Archive stores multiple strategy iterations, forming a foundation for the elevation of wisdom as budding idea becomes a viable business.

Write To Think process builds strategic discipline and writing skill as innovators learn to craft clearer, more powerful market-facing messages.

Fixed-price Multi-session Package delivers service to match need (e.g. quarterly during development, more frequently for products near launch.)


Strategy development builds business savvy as you persistently and deliberately develop your idea into a fundable product and a growing business. It creates a future where you lead the business that turns your vision into reality.

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