For innovators like yourself, TruNorth Consulting accelerates and derisks product-market fit. Rigorous process and the wisdom of an experienced product marketing professional gets results.

Establish A Beachhead

TruNorth packages service offers to meet the immediate needs of its clients. GAUGE strategy services help keep the innovation on track. MarkLaunch project services deliver the launch.

In 2024, TruNorth goes a step farther. With an accelerated version of the GAUGE development offer, a select few companies with existing technology will establish a beachhead market from which to build their business.

This result will occur within a 6-12 week engagement that includes a) strategy audit, b) technology evaluation, c) product prototype and d) B2B business development. The availability of generative AI tools enables this result. Apply now and fulfill your vision.

GAUGE Services

If you are still working to achieve product-market fit, efficient and effective fixed-price GAUGE Service Offers specifically help innovators like you at critical stages where control can be lost - building a team around an idea, raising money, and seizing revenue / share expansion opportunities. Apply now and fulfill your vision.


Develop your awesome new product idea into a profitable business.

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Raise investment funds with the collective genius of your core team.

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Business Expansion

Identify and prioritize the initiatives that expand your business.

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Your Vision, Fulfilled

TruNorth helps visionary leaders deliver category defining value in an existing industry, fulfilling your vision. Multiple success stories have come from a great idea or technology packaged and communicated as unique satisfaction of unmet need.

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